अखिल भारतीय सहारण परिवार (इन्डिया)


History Of Rakatdata

My Profile

     Mr. Banwari Lal Saharan  S/O Sh. Brij Lal Saharan

Rakatdata Sadan ,Dayanand Colony, Dhani Lakhji ,Sureran Road, Ellenabad.(Sirsa)

Contact:      9315664101,9992977719

E-Mail:       saharanbanwari@gmail.com

DOB: -        10-06-1965          Caste; Saharan (Jat)

Qualification:-                B.A. with Maths , M.A. in Pol. Science.

Designation: -  Maths Teacher ,Superintendent , Coordinator , Social worker., Administrator .

 (Nachiketan Public School, Ellenabad , Distt. Sirsa, Haryana)

Other Information:-

                     Red Cross Life Member

                     Distt. Coordinator , ISBTI India

                     Peace Committee Member, Ellenabad.

                     Secretary ,Shree  Yog Vedant Sewa Samiti , Ellenabad.

                     Cashier , All India Saharan Pariwar Samaj Sewa Samiti India.

                     Distt. President, NIFAA Haryana.

Honor by:

                     Governor,   Dr. A.R.Kidvai     (Governor House, Chandigarh)

                     Wife of  C.M.       Smt. Asha Hooda          (PGI, Rohtak)

                     S.D.M         Sh. Subhash Seyoran     ( 26 January2009,Ellenabad)

                     S.D.M         Sh. Manjeet Singh          (15 Aug. 2009 , Ellenabad)

                     State Poet   Sh. Udaybhanu Hansh            (NPS, Ellenabad)

                     Uttam Nagrik Purshkar           Dainik Jagran (Newspaper)

                      O.S.D, CM                             Dr. K.V. Singh

                     Governor,   J.N.Paharia (World Red Cross Day-2010 at Sirsa)

                     Parliament Sec.    Sh. Praladh Singh Gillakhera

(29 July 2011at Bhuratwala)

                     Honored by                    Mela Khundaniya Da    

(25th Sept. 2011at Bhatinda , Punjab)

                     Minister      Cpt. Ajay Singh Yadav (15 Aug. 2011 at Sirsa)

                     S.D.M.        Sh. Roshan Lal     ( 26 January 2012 Ellenabad)

                     Judicial Magistrate         Sh. Amarjeet Singh        (World T.B.                             Divas 24 March 2012 at Govt. Hospital Ellenabad)

                     Commissioner , Neelam Pradeep Kasni , Hisar (13-01-2013)

                     A.D.C. Sh. Shiv Prasad Sharma (8 May 2013)

                     Shiv Shakti Blood Bank, Sirsa (14 June,2014)

                     S.D.M. b.Vijay (26 january,2014) Ellenabad.

                     S.D.M. Subhash Sheyoran (15 August, 2014)

                     Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sang. (22 March, 2015), Ellenabad.

                     Local Samaj Sewi Sansthanyen        Ellenabad, Sirsa and nearby

Social Services;

Organize Blood Donation Camp, Eye Camp, Eye Donate, Blood Grouping in schools, Swasthaya Jagrukta Abhiyan in Rural Area, Organize Health Awareness Camp in Rural Area and Help the needy and the poor. Jal Sewa (Drinking Water) at Railway Station and Bus Stand, Yoga Shivir for children, Distributed books for poor girls in girl’s school, Plantation etc., to work for saharan samaj.

Other Experience:


                     Eye donate:                    9 persons after death

                     Eye donate by father after death ( Late Sh. Brij Lal Saharan)

                     At Rasham Pagri ;                   Blood Donation Camp  (31 units)

                     Blood donate by itself                                                   21 times

                     Blood donate by Smt. Kamla Saharan (wife)             2 times

                     Rashan vitran (10 ahshyay v widhwa mahilaon ko)  last 5 year

                     Attend all the meetings and workshop of blood donor motivators and ISBTI general meeting Delhi and Chandigarh. (As Nayaa Saal- Nayaa savera)

                     Organize Blood camps in schools and villages.

                     Basic problems like water supply, street light, Sanitary condition, Fire

Brigade, Ambulance etc. by the help of administration.

                     To inspire youth for eye donate.

                     To create awareness in women, all the electricity connection taken   in

our Mohla by the name of women.

                    To provide knowledge of govt. policy and plan to the people.

                    Future Plan

                     To work for ISBTI under guidance (Dr. Yudhbir Singh Khaliya,

Commissinor Hisar )  .

                     To work for Red Cross (Forming Junior Red Cross, First –Aid and

Ambulance Brigade) under (DC, Sirsa) order and guidance.

                     Continue preceding all the above activities and program.

                     To inspire and motivate the people for blood donation and eye donation

with new idea.

                     Help the administration in any govt. policy for the poor.

                     To work for All India Saharan Pariwar.                                           

Cashier , All India Saharan Pariwar

Dr. D.V. Saharan
(Retd. Director, Health Services, Haryana) President AISP,   543-D,
Pace City-II , Sec.- 37,

Email: info@saharanpariwar.com
Mob No: 9810009877


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